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The lunar maria constitute a second example of the widespread occurrence of lavas generated by partial melting deep within planetary mantles. The Moon provided examples which indicated that terrestrial petrological experience was not all-embracing. I3 14 Planetary Science The surprising differences in titanium enrichments and europium depletions from familiar terrestrial lavas provided evidence for differing evolutionary histories for lunar and terrestrial mantles. The isotopic systematics told of extensive early differentiation of the Moon, while the trace elements revealed the complementary nature of the highland crust and the deep source regions of the mare basalts.

The Apennine Mountains form the prominent northeast-trending ridge which forms the outer ring of the Imbrium basin. The large lava-filled crater is Archimedes. This is postbasin formation but pre-lava fill. The two craters northeast of Archimedes are Autolycus and, to the north, Aristillus. These postdate the lava fill. The large crater in the southwest corner is Eratosthenes. 8 Oblique view of Copernicus, 93 km in diameter, showing central peak and slump terrain [the rim of the Imbrium basin forms the horizon (NASA AS 17-151-23260)l.

Mare Crisium is the circular mare on the northwest horizon. The other patches of basalt are Mare Smythii and Mare Marginis (Apollo 16 metric frame 3023). and others [9]. The lava floods continued for at least 800 million years. 6 aeons, close to the time of the Archean-Proterozoic transition on the Earth (Chapter 6). 0 aeons) is shown in Fig. 6 181. An important stratigraphic conclusion was drawn from the study of earth-based photographs; namely, that the major lava flooding of the basins occurred well after the ringed basins were formed.

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