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A Social conception of the geographical region: the political kinds of modernity past methodological nationalism, construes a singular and unique social idea of the geographical region. It rejects nationalistic methods of considering that take the countryside with no consideration up to globalist orthodoxy that speaks of its present and definitive decline.

Its major goal is consequently to supply a renovated account of the nation-state’s old improvement and up to date worldwide demanding situations through an research of the writings of key social theorists. This reconstruction of the heritage of the geographical region into 3 periods:

  • classical (K. Marx, M. Weber, E. Durkheim)
  • modernist (T. Parsons, R. Aron, R. Bendix, B. Moore)
  • contemporary (M. Mann, E. Hobsbawm, U. Beck, M. Castells, N. Luhmann, J. Habermas)

For every one part, it introduces social theory’s key perspectives concerning the countryside, its prior, current and destiny. In so doing this publication rejects methodological nationalism, the declare that the countryside is the required illustration of the fashionable society, since it misrepresents the nation-state’s personal difficult trajectory in modernity. And methodological nationalism can be rejected since it is not able to trap the richness of social theory’s highbrow canon. in its place, through a powerful perception of society and a subtler concept of the geographical region, A Social conception of the Nation-State attempts to account for the ‘opacity of the countryside in modernity’.

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The canon of social theory in which this book is interested is inseparable from a permanent engagement with its claim to universalism. But enough patience has now been demanded from the reader. No more prolegomena, clarifications and theoretical disquisitions: let the reconstruction of a social theory of the nation-state begin. Part II Classical social theory 3 Karl Marx (1818–1883) The rise of capitalism and the historical elusiveness of the nation-state The work of Karl Marx is a good starting point for a reconstruction of a social theory of the nation-state that, at the same time, is a critique of methodological nationalism.

The question for us is precisely to assess the extent to which the different versions of methodological nationalism require and reinforce one another and whether social theory’s claim to universalism may provide us with the tools to effectively disentangle them and avoid any of these kinds of fetishism (see Chapter 2). At the core of Beck’s critique is a rather mythical view of the nation-state as a harmonious socio-political form: ‘internal homogeneity is essentially a creation of state control.

They are, as she nicely captures it, our ‘philosophical hinterland’ – our ‘metaphysics of small scale’. Regulative ideals are a privileged strategy to persevere in crossing the A claim to universalism 29 ‘boundary between what can be said clearly and what cannot be said at all’ (Emmet 1994: 1–2). For us here, this means that in using society as a regulative ideal social theory may be actually gaining further insight into the ambivalence and opacity that inheres in modern social life. She advances a more precise delimitation of the role of regulative ideals in the social sciences by elimination.

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