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This is often the simplest advent to Vedanta and to Sankara's philosophy. The Upadesaasahasri, or 1000 Teachings involves a metrical half and a prose half. within the metrical half, Sankara discusses the elemental philosophical difficulties of non-dualism, even as refuting the lessons of different philosophical colleges. within the prose half, he explains how you can train the best way to self realization--to enlightenment.
Sankara and the good Abhinavagupta are commonly considered as the 2 maximum thinkers within the lengthy heritage of Indian philosophy. Sankara represented Advaita Vedanta, a non-dualistic view of final fact. so much of his works are commentaries on classics of Indian notion. 1000 Teachings is the single non-commentarial paintings that may be attributed to him; the opposite self reliant writings ascribed to him are most likely spurious.

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5. an The previous sections have been concerned with our daily mental and psychological experiences in the waking state (jagrat). But Indian thinkers were not contented with the investigation of the waking state. They also speculated on the dreaming state (svapna) and deep sleep (su~upta) and discovered metaphysical significance in those states. Their speculation even extended to a fourth state (caturtha, turya, turiya) which transcends the above three. , on which Sankara wrote a commentary. BS III,2, 10), 66 which is not examined in the Upani~ads.

15. The idea that the buddhi assumes the forms of external things through the senses is also expressed in Vyasa's rogasiitrabhii1ya I, 7: indriyapranii likaya cittasya ba hya11astupariigfit tadvifayii siimiinya11ifefdlmano 'rthasya vije1avadhara~apradhiinii vrttib pratyakya7Jl pramar:zam. In his Togasiitrabhii,yavivara'l}a (p. 19) Sankara comments on this sentence as follows: ... amamiina7Jl hi saT[lbadhyati ... ato vi{ayii iitmiikiire~a pari~atarrz "cittam abhisarrzbadhyoparaiijayanti," IV, I 7, p.

Dasgupta, History ef Indian Philosophy, vol. II, p. 74, note l; P. , hasri von Meister Shankara, p. 20, note 72; H. Nakamura, The Vediintasiira (Kyoto: Heirakuji Shoten, 1962l, pp. 152-153. f 278. Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy, vol. II, p. 74, note l. 2BVediintasiira [XV] 124. Cf. Paiicadaii 1,27. ~serting that the Sruli which sets forth trivrtkaratfa indirectly refers to it (Vediintasiira [XV] 126). 2syp VIII, 30. 30See note 2, above. 31A work entitled Pancikarar;a, whish treats pancikara~a as a way of meditation (samiidhividhi), is traditionally ascribed to Sankara, but it may not be authentic.

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