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By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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For in my science and a number of others there In the course of their drinking it from the area joins them it is certain is yet another frustration. go into the field and there We is likely we have if interesting experiences. The word "adventure" is taboo and "explore" is used very gingerly. But the public mind has been so poisoned by the outpourings of bogus explorers that it is laden with claptrap about big expeditions, dangers, hardships, hostile tribes, the lighting of red flares around the camp to keep the savages at bay, and God knows what rot.

Ently why There's the nature of the initial work. I have spent hours, deadly, difficult But not until I hours, extracting lists of words, paradigms of verbs, constructions, idioms, and the rest from native informants, often at night in over-ventilated huts while my hands turned blue with cold. (Those mountains are far from An illiterate Indian tires quickly when giving linguistic informanot accustomed to thinking of words in terms of other words; his command of Spanish is so poor that again and again you labor over misunderstandings; he does not think in our categories of words.

Shouted him on, holding to the dasher with one hand, the pail of eggs with the other, not daring to get off my knees, though the bang on them, I as we pounded down the wood road, was terrific. But nothing must happen to the eggs; they must not be jarred, or even turned over in the sand before they come tc? Agassiz. AND THE SCIENCE 38 SCIENTIST "In order to get out on the pike it was necessary to drive back away from Boston toward the town. We had nearly covered the distance, and were rounding a turn from the woods into the open fields, when, ahead of me, at the station motive.

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