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Jack knew he wasn’t doing his career any favors by compounding that statement with reports that the mosque was being funded by a Saudi business consortium he believed had ties to a Wahhabi jihadist organization called the Hand of Allah. Several mosques funded by this same group had been built in London and throughout the United Kingdom, and Jack was convinced they were superficially mosques and fundamentally training facilities for Islamofascist sleeper agents. In the days that followed his initial remarks, Jack regularly took Prime Minister Griffiths to task for allowing these facilities to be built.

Abdal’s faith in Allah’s plan was absolute, and that was what gave him the courage to undertake what he was doing now. After that, proactivity became its own motor. Actions drove other actions and soon there was no changing course, no desire to reverse direction. What would he tell them later? That contacting someone he knew here in America—someone who was well connected with the black market and was far under the radar—he had used his own money to procure the things he needed. Building the device, as he’d been trained to do, had been simple.

Max was sleeping and her injuries weren’t serious. She had a gash on the side of her head that took twenty-seven stitches to close, but there was no concussion—her camera had taken the hit for her. 357 Holland & Holland Magnum. However, he was not surprised when she called early in the afternoon and told him that she wanted to get to recuperate at home. ” She said she’d cleared it with her doctor, and calling a cab, Jack went and collected her. After taking her home, putting her to bed, and making sure the nice old woman who rented her the attic space would look in on her, Jack went back to the boat and began editing the footage they’d shot over the last several days, retooling it to focus on Drabinsky himself.

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