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By Christopher Dewdney

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We organize for it each one night, and spend part our lives in its include, but evening keeps its mysteries. In accustomed to THE evening, writer and poet Christopher Dewdney takes readers on a desirable trip in the course of the nocturnal realm. Twelve chapters correspond to the twelve hours of an 'ideal' evening, beginning at 6pm and finishing at 6am, and function issues of departure for night's valuable issues; from sunsets, nocturnal animals, bedtime tales, gala's of the evening, fireworks, nightclubs, astronomy, sleep and goals, to the graveyard shift, girls of the evening, the paintings of evening, and unending nights. With boundless interest, a lyrical, intimate tone, and a mind for night-time beauties either common and artifical, Dewdney paints an enthralling portrait of the nighttimes.

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I was surprised, for example, to find out that the most fundamental aspect of night, its darkness, isn't at all straightforward. The fact that the entire night sky wasn't as bright as the sun itself was an enigma only solved by science in the 1920s, well after Einstein had written his general theory of relativity. I also learned that sleep isn't necessarily a healing period; in truth it is sometimes quite the opposite. I discovered that there are vampire-like parrots called keas that prey on sheep in the New Zealand dusk.

Sometimes we look through telescopes, sometimes we simply pause briefly to take in the grandeur of a beautiful evening. The night sky has told us more about our place within the cosmos than has the day. Some of the most profound discoveries of science and physics were hidden like riddles among the stars, waiting for patient explorers and their telescopes to discover them. It is from the night that we learned our planet was one among many other planets orbiting a star among millions of other stars in a galaxy among millions of galaxies.

Rotational speed decreases to 0 miles per hour at each pole, which, combined with the low angle of the sun, is why sunsets last longer at higher latitudes and why above the Arctic Circle sunsets can last for weeks. ) In contrast to the poles, the speed of night is fastest at the equator, where the tropical night falls quickly, "like a curtain," as British colonialists were fond of intoning. Another mental exercise that gives you a sense of how fast the earth is spinning is to imagine you're standing at some arbitrary location on the earth's surface, and then calculate the speed of the planetary spin for your location using our formula.

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