Alpha Force: Hostage by Chris Ryan PDF

By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049801

ISBN-13: 9781407049809

Alpha strength Hostage

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She knew she had to get back to the warmth of the cabin. If she stayed out in this wind in soaking wet clothes the heat would drain out of her at a catastrophic rate and she would be dead within minutes. She held out a shaking hand to the man but he simply stood and watched her with a mildly interested look on his face. Papaluk turned on to her front and tried to push herself up off the ground but the man planted a foot on the back of her neck and held her down. Papaluk whimpered once, then concentrated on trying to strip off her soaking clothes, but her hands had contracted into claws and she could not get a grip.

Amber stopped struggling to get away and prayed for a quick death, but the pain of ripping claws and crushing jaws never came. Instead, the bear jerked sideways as Hex came up on its blind side and rammed into its ribcage with his underwater scooter. The bear tumbled away through the water with great bubbles of air exploding from its jaws and Hex went tumbling the other way, hanging grimly on to his scooter. He knew the machine was their only chance of escape. As soon as he could, he righted himself and pressed the buttons on the handle of the scooter, hoping the machine had not been too badly damaged by the impact.

Amber's smile was wide behind her full face mask as she trained the beam of her underwater torch on the kelp forest. The seals were putting on a dazzling display of aquatics. At first the group had been wary, but Amber and Hex had left their underwater scooters on the sea bed and then waited patiently, treading water. Gradually, the seals had grown used to the torch beams lighting up their dim underwater world and had begun to hunt fish again. Now they were shooting back and forth through the beams of light like small, fat torpedoes, sometimes skimming past Amber and Hex with only centimetres to spare.

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