New PDF release: Alpha Force: Rat-Catcher

By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049992

ISBN-13: 9781407049991

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He pulled out a wad of notes, threw the wallet to the ground and stuffed the money into his trouser pocket. ' asked Marco. ' The boy gave a gasping laugh, then checked the dark entrance to the alleyway again. ' 'A few weeks,' said Marco. ' 'Leopoldo,' grunted the boy. 'But everyone calls me Leo. ' asked Marco. ' said Leo. Eliza shuddered in the lean-to. Everyone knew about the man in the black car who hunted them down like rats. He was an evil legend amongst the street kids. Nobody knew what he looked like - and nobody wanted to.

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Hex turned off his torch and they stood in the dark corridor, listening intently. Outside, the dog picked up their scent immediately, as Alex had guessed it would. With a yelping bark, the dog turned and headed for the door, dragging the guard after it. The dog slammed into the door with frantic force. Alex jumped at the noise and began to overbalance onto the doormat. For a few seconds he hung over the pressure pads, windmilling his arms. Finally he found his balance again and slumped back against the wall with a relieved sigh.

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Alpha Force: Rat-Catcher by Chris Ryan

by George

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