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By Alfred North Whitehead

ISBN-10: 110760012X

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Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) was once a in demand English mathematician and thinker who co-authored the hugely influential Principia Mathematica with Bertrand Russell. initially released in 1919, and primary republished in 1925 as this moment version, An Enquiry in regards to the rules of average wisdom ranks between Whitehead's most crucial works; forming a viewpoint on clinical statement that included a fancy view of expertise, instead of prioritising the location of 'pure' experience facts. along significant other volumes the idea that of Nature (1920) and the main of Relativity (1922), it created a framework for Whitehead's later metaphysical speculations. this can be an immense e-book that might be of worth to a person with an curiosity within the dating among technological know-how and philosophy.

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Z'II Z"I j I I 0 .. otJ • ~ O~ (x... xS> . }' At the time t let the event-particle which ~instantaneously happens at-ute point Ojz in the space of a happen at OfJ in the space of fl, and let the event-particle which happens at 0/ in the space of fl happen at Ojz' in the space of a. ~ 0/ XfJ' be in the directlOn reversed of the motion of a in the fl-space. mstant t on 0/XfJ: • Also we choose O/Ys' and O/Z,/ so that the event-particles whIch happen at time t on OfJ'YfJ' and O/Z/ respectively happen on straight lines in the a-space which are parallel to OCLYCL and OCLZCL~ Let VefJ be the velocIty of f3 in a-space and 48 1.

1>, - c2) vanish together. This proves Einstein's theorem on the invariance of the veloc1ty c, so far as conceqlS the suffic1ency of the Lorentz1an formulae to produce that result. CHAPTER IV CO~GRLE~CE Il. Simultaneity, II'I Einstein analysed the ideas of time-ord~r and of simultaneity. Primarily (according to his analysis) time-order only refers to the succession of events at' a eiven place. Accordingly each given place has its o\vn time-order. But these time-orders are not independent in the system of nature, and their correlation is known to us by means of physical measurements.

Ra) = (Fa, Ga.. ). (La.. Ma.. )]. (5) It will be noted that each of the vector equations (3). (4). (5) stands for three ordinary equations, so that there are eleven equations in the five formulae. CHAPTER III SCIE~TIFIC RELATIVITY i .. Consentient Sets. 7"1 A traveller in a railway carriage sees. a fixed point of the carriage. The wayside stationmaster knows that the traveller has been in fact observing a track of points reaching from London to :l\Ianchester. The stationmaster notes his station as fixed in the earth.

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