New PDF release: Ancient Jewish-Christian dialogues: Athanasius and

By William Varner

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This paintings presents the texts and translations of 3 historical Jewish-Christian dialogues: The discussion of Athanasius and Zacchaeus (Greek, 4th c.); The discussion of Simon and Theophilus (Latin, fifth c.); and The discussion of Timothy and Aquila (Greek, sixth c.). this can be the 1st released translation of every of those texts. An creation discusses the context of those dialogues within the "Contra Judaeos" literature of the early church and in addition explores the query of whether they signify any genuine dialogue among Jews and Christians and likewise what reasons those dialogues served. cautious awareness has been made to the dialogues' use of the Bible, specially the outdated testomony, in furthering the dialogue concerning the Messiah. To this finish a entire Scriptural Index encourages higher comparative research of those dialogues. it's the translator's goal to reveal those works, which were the worry of a small circle of centred students, to a much broader scholarly viewers and to motivate larger learn of them and their function within the historical past of Jewish Christian family members.

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Eill TTtr'C'Epa q JJTJf'Epa, tjTTd9rpE TTOII1'JIXi. JJ&oV yap aUroD 'TTi Tfjr;~, ~80v ot Il'iYOL a1l'OO'taAEV'tEt; a1l'o TtPWOOU, ava(qtfJaaL teal. llT)viioaL airr~. tpall'OlI, Kai 0JI411/tl1l. urpdat;. I' 34. ZwcXaioc;: d~1. yelp ~av ol Il'iYOL ; , A8avcXou)(;: IIapck 'tij ypcxcjI'ij, ol 'tCt 'to Lama cjlpovouV'tEt; 'toit; aLyu'll"tLOLt;, alyU'll"tLOL tealouV'taL' teal. ol 'tei 'to Lama Xavava£OLt;, xavavaioL tealouV'taL' teal. JrJlI tijJopaiO(, q rii (prJlI ZETa(a. oUtC,olt; teal. bl. 'toUt; ll'iyoUC;, 'tei airrei cjlpovouV'ta ~voic;

Zacchaeus said: You must show that the prophets said that he would be crucified. Athanasius: First, Moses says: And you will see your life hanging before your eyes, and you will have no assurance of your life. In the morning you will say: Would it were evening! And in the evening you will say: Would it were morning! (Deut. 28:66-67). For from the sixth hour there was darkness on all the eanh until the ninth hour (Matt. 27:45). " which is darkness. " when it is light. 37. Zacchaeus said: Convince me from the Old Covenant that it was necessary for him to be crucified.

53:8)? I can see the genealogy 'Of Jesus, for he was the son of Joseph, along with his brothers, Jacob and Joseph and Judah and Simon (Matt. 13:55 and Mark 6:3). And his mother was Mary. 44. Athanasius: Why did the prophet say: Who will declare his genealogy? If one is unwise, he will not be able to know, because he was born from the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary. 45. Zacchaeus said: The Holy Spirit had intercourse with Mary instead of a man? Athanasius: You see that a wise man is being sought, one who is able to comprehend that the Holy Spirit does not have intercourse bodily.

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