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By Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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Napoleon decides an investigation should be made when it is discovered that Snowball has always been an agent of Jones and intends to attack the farm. The animals do not believe him and Boxer, especially, speaks up on Snowball's behalf, reminding everyone of how he fought at the Battle of the Cowshed. Squealer, however, manages to carry the day but it is 38 obvious he is displeased with Boxer. Four days later the dogs attack four pigs and Boxer too. Boxer fights them off but the pigs confess to have been plotting with Snowball and are killed.

Despite their efforts, the animals do not have the materials they require and this presents another difficulty. Napoleon decides to get round this by trading with the humans, something that upsets some of the animals as they remembered that initially it was decided never to have anything to do with humans, the enemy. Protesters are silenced by the growling of the dogs and Squealer tells them later that they must have been dreaming, that no such decision was ever made. The pigs into the farmhouse and sleep in the beds and again Squealer justifies this by altering the Commandment.

The first section of the book (Chapters 1-5) are forward-looking, it is to the future that our eyes, and the animals' eyes, are turned. There is optimism, hard work cheerfully done, plans and projections, everything with the vision of a life made easy and comfortable to raise the spirits. But how is this happy time viewed once Napoleon is leader? In order to maintain power he has to alter the past. He needs a scapegoat for anything that goes wrong so that his leadership will not be called into question and he needs a way of getting rid of those who inconveniently refuse to believe what they know to be false.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell by Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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