Kirk W Madison, Kai Bongs, Lincoln D Carr, Ana Maria Rey,'s Annual Review of Cold Atoms and Molecules, volume 2 PDF

By Kirk W Madison, Kai Bongs, Lincoln D Carr, Ana Maria Rey, Hui Zhai

ISBN-10: 9814590169

ISBN-13: 9789814590167

The purpose of this e-book is to provide overview articles describing the newest theoretical and experimental advancements within the box of chilly atoms and molecules. Our wish is this sequence will advertise learn by means of either highlighting fresh breakthroughs and via outlining the most promising study instructions within the field.

Readership: study scientists together with graduate scholars and higher point undergraduate scholars.

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Stellmer, F. Schreck & T. C. 2. Fermions The bosonic isotopes, for which we have discussed the red MOT dynamics in the previous section, have nuclear spin I = 0 and therefore only one magnetic substate in the 1S0 ground state. The fact that the magnetic moment g J µ B is zero due to the singlet configuration of the two valence electrons (J = 0) did not become apparent. This however changes as we consider the fermionic 87 Sr isotope with I = 9/2 and its 10 magnetic states. The magnetic moment is now given by the nuclear moment, which is still orders of magnitude smaller than an electronic magnetic moment.

To avoid rapid decay, the absolute value of the two intra- and the interspecies scattering length must not be too large, but it must be large enough for efficient thermalization. 11,12,173 These limitations reduce the number of possible binary mixtures considerably. 4,165 In ytterbium, two out of five bosonic isotopes have large negative scattering lengths,131 excluding many possible combinations of isotopes. One remaining combination, 170 Yb + 174 Yb, has a large and negative interspecies scattering length.

The second reason refers to the evaporation efficiency: During evaporation, atoms will leave the trap predominantly vertically downwards, aided by gravity. The evaporation efficiency benefits from a high vertical trap frequency: once a high-energy atom is produced in a collision, it ought to escape the trap before colliding with another atom. The vertical trap frequency should thus be large compared to the scattering rate: this requirement suggests a pancake-shaped trap. It is fortunate that both the loading of the dipole trap and the evaporation efficiency are optimized with the same trap shape.

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